Essay on CoronaVirus

Nobody has ever wondered such a pandemic that will block the whole world; coronavirus has affected almost 214 countries that are more than half of the world. There are different concepts and thoughts about this epidemic. Some believe that it is a conspiracy; while, others believe that it is a disease spread through an animal bat. However, the truth is yet unrevealed, and everybody is in great shock. This game-changer has not only affected the strong economies but has also devastated the underdeveloped countries.


It all started in December 2019 from the city of China – Wuhan, where few cases of coronavirus noticed, and now it is all over the world. However, word coronavirus is not something new, this virus has a family that exists for years, but this level of COVID’19 is unbelievable. Until now 3,456,223 cases and 243,024 deaths have been reported in the world. In just 3-4 months it was expanded, and the concern is until when it will last. Sadly no one has the answer, and many scientists, lab practitioners are trying their best to discover a vaccine for this contagious disease.

The most impacted people are the ones who are on daily wages. They are suffering from hunger and other lack of necessities. Moreover, a powerful country like America is shaken up by the highest number of coronavirus patients. The dilemma is no vaccines have been discovered for this contingency.


The question is how it happens. It is through the droplets of a person’s coughs or sneezes or discharge from the nose. This is the reason shaking hands is prohibited, and even social gatherings are not allowed. Also, putting your hands on your face or touching your nose, again and again, is considered to be dangerous. Surprisingly this is the first time in the history that betterment is in staying away from each other. No more guests are welcomed, and people feel safe in isolation. Assignment writing service has mentioned some of the detailed ways recommended by the experts that strengthen the immune system and let you fight this disease.


The fact cannot be denied how COVID has accelerated the online industry. Perhaps the only benefit right now is from the digital advancement and connection. The world is on the virtual association right now; everything that is online is working and moving forward. The rest are just striving hard to keep on moving. For example, during this pandemic, the e-commerce business is earning millions of dollars, and all software companies are getting richer.


Although there is not any solution now that can overcome this contagious disease from the world, individuals can deal with it by following important steps. First of all, people should stay at home as much as possible until it is extremely important to leave their homes. Secondly, they should wash their hands properly, use sanitizers, and wear masks when going anywhere. China has taken hold of this illness by taking strict precautionary measures and this is what the world has to do.